Thursday, February 12, 2009

Color Me Blessed

It's my 2nd to the last shit of the week.. pardon the French but that's what we call shifts in our line of work. It has been pretty breezy this week. Had it's moments of hustle and times when you can finish an entire archive of blogs. But what's interesting this week is the chain of events that has transpired and yet to happen in the near future.

Lemme backtrack a week ago. Like a bolt of lightning I got sick again!! For the nth time, I can't keep track of all the medications that I have induced for the past 3mos alone.. And then again, got sick with Amoebiasis no less!!! I was constipated, bloated, feverish and what have you for an entire week.. Twas the most disgusting feeling ever. On top of everything, I had to miss work for two days.. Total bummer.. What concerned me the most though, is not getting paid for those two days, on top of the fact that we get deducted with allowances if you're not at work. With all the purchases I have mad recently, it will burn my pockets to the ground..

But how fortunate I am that in the same 15days, we were made to sign to render over time for work up to 3hours... YEAHBAH!!! a blessing indeed, if I may.. Not to sound materialistic but it is quite a comeback from two days of missing work..

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Not that am justifying my shortcomings, but still I can't shake off the fact that this is still a redemption point for me. And these oppurtunities doesn't happen all the time. Especially in such a timing fashion. You see, not only the pay gets affected in our line of work. Certain criterias do suffer tragically if we dont report. Scorecards are affected by these. That's why one can say call center agents are indeed slaves to the phone. Every minute counts, as in really counts because we get paid in such manner- per minute..

Im overwhelmed I guess, because for quite sometime now I have been guilty of bitching about work. How much it sucks and I wanna quit. But with all the events that has transpired, this job never seizes to amaze me. Just when one thinks everything is screwed, it makes a full 360 degree turn that makes one grateful to be here. So the cliche goes, when the going gets tough-the tough get going..

So color me blessed.. For the nth time I know that these are but one of the many reasons why I am here. And that I should be grateful that I have a job. That this job fuels my Life. It enables me to do the things I want for myself and the people I care about. It also gives me self-worth. Being productive and doing something. Working. As an able individual should.. It'll be a long way from here, but note to self: SUCK IT UP!!!!

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