Friday, February 13, 2009

Beinte Singko

Tagged by Batchoy Boi, here are the 25 random things about me.. I was suppose to drop by his blog and say happy hearts day pero ayun, na tag pa tuloy ako.

So here goes nothing...


25) I love my short hair. I always had. Since I was a kid, I was more at ease with shorter, boyish type hair. Even the infamous "apple look" back then was my main fashion do until I reach elementary years then nauso na ang bangs-bangs.. Then the '80s kicked in with the teased hair and spray net. But Ive always wanted my hair short. And most of my friends would agree I look better in it.

24) I love flip-flops. Seriously. I can and will adjust any piece of clothing or ensemble just to go with flip-flops. But mind you, I don't do the whole Havaianas frenzy. Regular or the cheapest flip-flops can and will do wonders just the same. My favorite flip-flops to date was my Nike women flip-flops/sandal. Really cute, black and pink all over. And really expensive too.. hahahaha

23) I love Green Peas!!!! No, am not the environment advocate group but the "manong-on-sikad-nga-galibod" green peas.. Twas really cute how I stumbled into it. Nauso sya nung late elementary years ko na. I remember I had to save money to buy the 10 grams I think.. Or was it 20grams?? It cost 15 pesos at that time hahahahahaha mahal na yun nung kapanahunan ko..
The manong had an interesting vending "triska". Parang hagdanan na gumugulong. Then with the matching beach umbrella para di sya mainitan then the pink kitchen weighing scale to accurately measure the tinda. But anywho, green peas girl me talaga..

22) I love Central Market. To me that is where most of my childhood fondest memories came from. The food, the native coffee, the Sunday after-mass ritual.. As in.. But for most parts, I love Central Market coz it reminds me of all the great times my Papa and I had. For the record, he knows where to find the best cooked food in there!!! Go fig..

21) I love shoes!! particularly Dress boots, performance shoes (e.g. Nike) and believe it or not- pumps!! I have always wanted to have shoes like the great Meldy. And recently nung yumaman na nang konti ( konti lang!!!!) ayun, nang hoard ng sapatos. To date, I have bought 13 pairs of shoes. My fave-- my kick ass bitching boots!!!!

20) I love Watches.. Addict ako sa Swatch dati. as in every year may pinadadala si Mama pinaka latest model ng Swatch. Umabot pa sa point na may inuwi syang relo na walang minute or display. Talagang blanko yung mukha ng watch. I remember that watch fully kasi may nagtanung ng oras sakin. Sagot ko-- I DONT KNOW!!! hahahahahahaha Till nauso yung mga P150 watches. Bili ako every chance na magkapera kaya ayun, nalunod ang kwarto ko sa dami ng relo..

19) I love Cellphones. Especially yung mga kakaiba yung hitsura. I dont like Nokia btw. Di ako sumasali sa usong yun. Maka Sony Ericsson, Motorola ako. Kahit andami ko nang phone, still can't help myself sa pagbili. Right now, am using HTC Touch Diamond. Astig ang hitsura, fully loaded with dual sim both active.. The catch.. WALANG KEYPAD AMPUCHA!!! so hirap magtext ang lolah nyu..

18) I love Talaba!!! weird but I use to hate this. Kadiri kasi tingnan. Its phlegm-like and hilaw pa. Or poached lang and drama. But I had it, for the sake na di makantyawan then its was talaba all the way na. For the record, nakaubos ako ng kalahating sako nito, or aprrox that much nung birthday ng best friend ko hahahahahaha and I dont eat it with rice.. Yun ang mas baduy for me hahahahahahahaha

17) I love UK or ukay-ukay!!! pero dito lang sa Bacolod. Mehn!! The clothes are amazing and super mura. Now looking good made more affordable. Seriously, there are treasures among the garbage. Designers pa talaga yung iba like the skirt I had last week. Authentic Burberry skirt sya. As in major kilatis and yes, totoo sya.. Feels great to be able to project outside what you feel inside. Sisiw na lang mag power suits for me sa office. Although it is always the person who makes the clothes, not the clothes making the person. Yun nga lang, sa sobrang hilig di ko na alam kung san ko ilalagay mga damit ko and worst, MAHAL MAGPA LAUNDRY!!!

16) I love Tattoos. Seryoso. Even before fascinated ako sa skin art.. I use to follow Miami Ink pa ksi there is a whole new world that has risen from the once condemned art. Tedious yung craft na to if you are the artist and rewarding ang experience if you do get one. Like me.

15) I love Movies. hmmmmmmmm....... who doesnt really?? Di ako picky sa klase nang movie but I do admire independent movies more than the commercial ones. Mas maangas ang approach kasi. Mas totoo. And lalamat talaga sa kaluluwa mo especially kung malapit sa buhay mo ang storyline.

14) I love nighttime. Nocturnal talaga ako or mahilig sa dilim. I dont know which is more dominant in me. Loving the night or loving the darkness. It empowers me somehow, mas buhay ako and my senses kung madilim na or gabi na. Not that I hate the sun or anything, but when the velvet sky cloaks the Earth parang nagmomorph ako into someone else... nyehehehehehehe

13) I love pagakin!!! and everything else that goes with it. Cooking, fine dining and the actual eating itself is fullfilling talaga. Not just for nourishment purposes but cooking relaxes me. Knowing the recipe thrills me and eating out or fine dining enriches my awareness on diff cooking styles. My Papa tells me that dining is like travelling to where the food originated. There is culture and tradition to how every dish is made. kaya for the mean time na di ka afford nang lola magtravel, pagkain muna ang ikakarir..

12) Which brings me to Travelling.. I love to travel every chance I get especially kung biglaan pa. Adventure to the hilt and liberates your soul. Before, I would pay for fare to anywhere. Fare for the boat, fare for the bus and just get lost somewhere. Within the Philippines ko pa lang nagagawa, but I hope to do the same someday sa buong mundo..

11) I love literature.. reading it, writing, the whole nine yards of it and then some. I love reading John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Joseph Finder.. Bottomline, I like suspense thrillers.. the latest I read was Angels and Demons and I was so moved by it. I like writing as well and duh, blogging syempre.. I use to have a journal with me. Still do pero effort na masyado ang magsulat. Dont get me wrong though, am not the literary master or to that effect. I simply like to articulate my thoughts. Clutter brain kasi ako and writing it down somehow gives me perspective. Mas namamanage ko ang thoughts ko that way. In the same effect that I adore reading other people's blog. It helps you see things in their eyes.. It helps you eveolve as a person by having such intimate knowledge of their inner selves. That's what I love most about blogging really.. Public sya in a sense but intimate by nature kasi naglalabasan ang pagkatao ng mga bloggers. Kewl huh?!!

10) Music. Syempre. Hello?!! Love na Love ko music. Sa pagkanta, sa pagsayaw - winner aketch!!! hahahahahahaha Self-procalimed singer ako. Feeling ko angaling galing ko pero tse!!! Opinion ko yun noh?!! hahahahahaha Videoke Queen aketch. Not because I sing well (which I don't elow?!!) but because antapang kon na umakyat ng stage at ubusin ang kahihiyan ko sa madlang tao... Feels good though, promise. Released lahat ng inhibitions mo, tas masaya ang lahat dahil either natatawa sila or natutuwa.. But dancing on the other hand, is my cup of tea.. I was blessed with dancing feet or better yet happy feet. I can dance as long there is music, rythmn and beat.. So you think you can dance??

9) Coffee. Kape. Masarap. Mainit. Paborito... Sounds like a cheap coffee commercial but there is nothing cheap with my fascination for coffee. This beverage has evolved into a lifestyle that is by far my favorite. Having coffee is so intimate. Whether this is consumed alone or with company, its interesting ti note that conversation comes naturally. Even when one is alone, notice nyu yung bigla kayong nagmumuni muni. May naaalala bigla or nagcontemplate bigla. Plus, the best part of it is that enjoy ang company kasi walang nalalasing, walang nagwawala at walang nageemote to death hahahahahahahahaha

8) Kaaway ng kape: TULOG!! pero love ko matulog. As in. And am pretty territorial about it as well. Bawal akong gisingin kung tulog. No-no talaga yun and people around me has grown to appreciate me that way. naexperience na ksi nila kung ano ako kamaldita pag walang tulog. Daig ko pa ang buang kung magreact. But more over, I love to sleep kasi I know I deserve to give my mind a break. Pahinga ng utak ang habol ko talaga. I believe kasi na matalas ang taong may tulog kahit gutom kaysa sa taong busog na walang tulog. And if allowed, I can sleep for 10 hours straight without a headache.. tsaka sleeping is good for the skin.. Way better than Dra. Belo's treatment.

7) Conversation. I love talking to other people. Pero intelligent people or at least knows what common sense is.. Witty banter is my favorite. Okrayan to the max ang masaya. You can see so much in a person by the way they talk or they address their thought. Again articulation, vocabulary says more than what you need to know about a person. Gusto ko rin yung random exhange of ideas, then reacting to it. Orgasmic yung ganung feeling.

6) I love Individuality. I like peopel who are not afraid of their own gaddamn shadows!! Yung iba parang hypochondriac ang drama, yung iba sobrang insecure. Mahilig ako sa characters, sa mga sariling katayuan at paninindigan. These kind of people challenges you really. While most of us wants to conform, it is still important to find a piece of yourself na ikaw at ikaw lang ang ganun. Knowing yourself, knowing where you stand makes it easier for you to breath. Coz that way, you realize that you are breathing for yourself. You are not breathing for others' sake. Di ako mahilig magstereotype. Napaka bobo nang ganung ugali really. On top of the fact na hindi naman natin kilala lahat ng tao sa mundo, mas hindi natin alam ang dahilan kung baket sila ganun. I dont like pointing fingers, passing blame. For me, mas diverse mas better..

5) I love Angelina Jolie. As in. Its all in, including the fake boobs but who the hell cares?!!! I mean, its her!!! Its Angelina Jolie-Pitt.. Imagine, Brad Pitt ang ipitt ipitt sayo gabi gabi?!!

4) I love sweating. Anything physical that pushes my body to sweat is heaven for me. Notice nyu mahilig ako sa orgasmic experiences.. lahat release. Lahat labas, pati kaluluwa.. In relation to it, mas maraming endorphins ang lumalabas making your disposition better. mas happy and magaan ang pakiramdam pag nagpawis..

3) I love UP DILIMAN!!!! This is where I wanted to spend college nung nasa high school pa ako. It was make it or break it situation. And I am so thankful na I made it.. Hindi mahirap mahalin ang institutsyung ito. Lahat nang klase ng pagaaral ay matutunan mo dito. Mali man or tama- ang punto is natuto ka. Miss ko nang bumalik dun and umupo sa klase ulit.. Babalik din ako dun para bumisita balang araw.. Wala nang dadaig pa. Malayang kaisipan sa malayang pamantasan. Peyups. Nagiisa.

2) Mahal ko ang pagkababae ko. And I love how over the years women have involved. Made their mark to society. I love women empowerment. Women who encourages and helps other women. I believe that women have the biggest responsibility and the heaviest responsibility to mankind. We create the future, we nurture our future and we have the capacity to change the world if we see fit. Ang tibay ng isang pamilya ay nasa tibay ng loob and kalinga ng isa ina. Mahal ko ang pagkababae ko at lahat ay gagawin ko para mapangalagaan ito pati ng mga mahal ko. . I know it sound s a bit extreme but not really to be honest. Its just that i am happy what I am and who I am. A woman top of everything else.. And I love other women has devoted their lives for this cause.. To stop the abuse sa kapwa nila babae..

1) DAMON. I love my kid far more than words can describe. So ayan, kaya far more than words can describe ksi di nga madescribe?!!!!! Dugo ng aking dugo. Laman ng aking laman.. nagmana din yan sakin sa kakulitan.. hahahahahahahahaha

There you have it, the 25 things about me.. In fairness, dito ako napagod at hindi sa trabaho ko.. Sana naman ay naaliw ko kayo..

End of Shit....este Shift pala.. Log out na.. Tse!!!!

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