Monday, May 3, 2010

Im Done..

They say that Hate is the equal opposite of Love..

I beg to differ.. The equal, if not extreme, opposite of Love is Indifference.. When you stopped caring..

When you stopped giving a damn..

When not caring is so much easier.. When not caring is so much peaceful.. When not caring gives you peace.. When not giving a damn makes you function better.. That's when Love doesnt exist anymore..

All the lies thrown back and forth.. Countless, numerous, unquantified amout of distress. Of misery and illogical exhange of wasted ideas.. Of dreams that were just that-- DREAMS..

It was never my intent to lose track. It was never my intent to go the opposite direction. Never at all to waste what I spent my time and energy with.. I dont like regret.. Never have, and never will..

I push boundaries, break barriers and oppose views head-on.. right or wrong, im up front and center.. Hate is a coward's easy way out.. To hate is to simply acknowledge that you lack the mental capacity to go beyond what is in front of you.. as one brilliant mind said " people hate what they don't understand.."

All has been said and done.. Even this post is soooooooooo 6 years ago.. IM DONE..

To all your destinations and new found horizon-- GOODLUCK and GODSPEED...
To all your endeavors, aspirations and new projects-- GOODLUCK and PROSPERITY...
To all your achievements, new found station in Life, new status -- GOODLUCK and GOOD RIDDANCE..

Coz that's all that I have for you.. regardless how Life goes-- whether up or down, good or bad, happiness or misery, triumph or defeat, success or failure.....


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Luis Batchoy said...

in stride... in heart and in mind... breakaway my dear