Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Chances

" what do you say to taking chances?.."
"what do you say to jumping off the edge?.."
"never knowing if there's solid ground below.."
"or hand to hold, or hell to pay.."

".. what do you say?.."

Saturation point. A very convenient excuse for just about anything. Reaching one's saturation point. Relationship. Family. Job...


Pity me for underestimating the human spirit the way that i did. Me, especially. To underestimate what I have personally experienced. Human Spirit. The tenacity, the perseverance, the patience, the tolerance and the strength to push further. A nudge, a mile--doesn't really matter. It gets you there one way or another.

It always easy to say its okay. Its always easy to convince oneself that you can always go back, that everything will be okay as you left it. To squeeze out the goodness of the past, dwelling more on the good than the past part.. its still the past. Once one has taken the step to move forward, it becomes a new reality. A new chapter. It can't be changed. Regardless how one denies it. Regardless how one resents it or stops it.

I took my leap 2 years ago. With nothing to fall back on. I just left. because all i knew then, there was nothing worth staying for. It was over even before I realized it. the next logical step was to move forward. Costed me everything I had to take myself a nudge further, a mile further, a lifetime further. And now I see myself better, happier, whole. ME..

So what do I say??

Take a chance.. you'll never know where it takes you.. and how good it feels..

"and i had my heart beaten down, but i always come back for more.."
"there's nothing like love to pull you, when you're lying down on the floor.."

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Luis Batchoy said...

abi ng abba sluts, if you change your mind, Im the first in line honey im still free, take a chance on me! hehehehe. I m with you all the way Socorro. Like I have always said, which happens to be my motto:

For a fucking shot at happi-fucking-ness, everything is worth it. Fucks added over the years and more coming!

With out asking ho high!