Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Great things in life, as most would say, are free..

But most are aware that everything has a price. Not currency, but to a certain degree of value. Emotions, ideas, feelings - all of these are attained with a ceratin amount of effort. A certain amount of importance or relevance. Thus, these shouldn't be taken for granted.. having relationships are a priviledge. Being happy is a priviledge. Being alive is a priviledge. Oftentimes, we make the wrong notion that without exchange of currency that it has no value nor it is free. Currncy or money for that matter is simply a piece of paper that you can wipe your ass with. Its basic component is no different from the ones that we actually use...

Like Forgiving and Forgetting... these two are priviledges...

Its disturbing to know that this saying has become a passe' for those who simply can't and couldn't deal with the harsh realities of Life. The complexities of situations that require intellect, character and conviction.. Forgiveness and forgetting are both self- serving ideologies... It doesn't so much influence the recieving end but rather serves the purpose of closure and severity of the conflict at hand. I can't help but criticize but to forgive and to forget is simply, if not catastrophically, stupid..

Too harsh..

Forgiveness requires remorse. Forgiveness requires realization. Forgiveness requires humility and acceptance of the wrong doing.. In the truest concept of the word, only a higher being is capable of Forgiveness... only God is trully capable of forgiveness..The sanctity of Forgiveness shold not be made as a patriotic excuse to present courage. Forgiveness is nota t-shirt one decides to wear for the day and throw out in the next...

Forgetting.. This defies the very essence of living. We only live ever so briefly to manage to erase or forget details and memories of our borrowed time.. Good or bad, beautiful or ugly - memories are memories. They make us. They help us better ourselves. They stand as reminders of good times, bad times that we may never allow to happen again, beautiful ones to inspire us and ugly ones to shake us up and wake us up..

To the weak mind, forgetting is a sanctuary. To deny oneself of addressing the situation. To run and hide and seek comfort in pretending that it never happened.. Forgetting is the last defense of the weak spirit..

That is why I don't forgive - I deal with the situation. I compromise and meet every relationship half-way. I am no God to bestow forgiveness. I am no preacher of the church. I am a human being. Conflict arise because of our differences, it's a given. Each one of us is different from one another and are bound to have different takes on a lot of things.. Ther is no wrong doing in that aspect. We deal. We manage. We compromise. We make a choice. That is the way of the strong mind..

People speak of things that they do not know.. I pity those people..
But then again, to extend pity IS a choice...

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