Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Friendship. Three years..
We have gone that far... What started from three fabulous individuals has now evolved into something greater. Bigger than anyone of us.. What startedas friendship is now a Family..
In every sense of the word. Family.
In the laughter that we shared. In the beers that stood witness to all our pains and tribulations. Drama, action, comedy, tragedy. name it - we have had it.
Some are gone, but never away. Some are far, but not lost. Others have chosen different paths while others have remained.. In the tears, in the laughter, in the songs that strongly resonates in our hearts - these are the memories that keep us and pull us together..
We are the same, yet we thrive in our differences and focus on how we all compliment one another. Every character strength and flaw, each and every one together creates a picture so real and true, and that only time, effort, love and respect could and would ever produce..
We remain together...


In heart.

In spirit.

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