Monday, March 16, 2009

Rantings At 4pm

I just came off two days without work. Slept my way throught it. I should feel refreshed but contrary to that, I actually feel disturbed.

Emotions have been brewing inside and it escapes me how they came about. There were pivotal events that transpired last week but none too overwhelming. Tied some loose ends here and ther but other than that, twas a breeze really.

I have been bored out of my skull for the past weeks. Coincidentally, it has affected my performance at work quite well.. Doing very at work, I might emphasize but I am bored. I am amused really by the irony of things. Being the hypercritical that I am, I have concocted all impossible reasons as to why I am melancholic as a rock. Supposed separation anxieties? (higher self--WTF?!!!) Regrets (higher self-- Have you gone nuts?!@!!) and a long list of blah blah's..
Those were not it. It is way too convenient to blame things on events that has already happened, and even way too convenient to simply place blame period. Although I admit that there is a void in my heart, for reasons that escapes me, it is much to weird that I am this BORED!!!!

Is this it?? Have I reached my peak?? I dare say not.. There are way too much oppurtunities left undiscovered and mysteries left unsolved for me to say that this is it. Maybe these things are brought about by the fact that I have focused all my energy with work. To make sure that I take care of this job and make sure that I don't screw it up..

But I am longing for someone though.. codename: "JESUS"


back to work.

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