Monday, December 11, 2006


Time to get my shit together... This insanity has gone farther than it should have.

I have been played. Now I know that I have been played.
That's not good. THAT, is not good at all.
For quite a time I have been asking myself as to why most people find me that scary.
Now I know why.
Because I can do damage. I can hurt people as well. I can hurt people very well, if I put my mind into it...
But I never do.
I never do.
Because if I did,
If I did.......

It makes me no different from them - PATHETIC.



Ha? Asan ako? Nawawala yata ako....


maybe you should check your settings on the comment part. I cant log in with my blogspot account. I used my Gmail account to get in.

Just a thought.

AYE said...

Yes!! You can do a lot of damage and you can really hurt people bad to death and i agree with that.

Well, dats life, you cant really have everything that you want. but you already have something that you need.. believe me!!!!!!

All you have to do is look around, they`re just right there looking at you and waiting for you.

AYE said...

obra ka pa gid damu para damu man akon comments... hehehehehehe!!!

GARRY said...

hala! away?